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Shenzhen TYPMAR Wind Energy Technology Co., Ltd.


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Shenzhen TYPMAR Wind Energy Technology Co.,Ltd. is the pioneer of green energy technology in the world. 
TYPMAR(TIMAR) Technology is a technology innovation-oriented enterprise which integrates research  and manufacture with sale, project and service of the maglev wind turbine system as one set.Under the leadership of TYPMAR’s Chairman Mr. Lin Wenqi,after thirteen years of arduous efforts,with countless failures and ceaseless improvement,TYPMAR’s research team finally invented the world’s first maglev wind turbine, fulfilling the milestone leap of theinternational technology on small and medium-sized wind turbine.TYPMAR technology has won a few proprietary intellectual property rights and licensed technology. 
And we also have finished some international testing and identification.On energy-saving and emission-reduction,dedicating to the high efficiency of wind energy and the cause of developing a low-carbon environmentally-sound societ... [Details]